Episode 1

Published on:

27th Apr 2021

Stress Testing

In the inaugural episode, we introduce you to our show host, Ryan Ruff, as well as Managing Partners of Monon Wealth, Darrick Hutchens and Ray Kramer.

With one of the most financially tumultuous years now behind us, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding finances. Whether it was the COVID-19 pandemic, the controversial Presidential Election of 2020, or other factors, many people are wondering how to responsibly position their finances for success in 2021.

Allow Darrick and Ray to help put your mind at ease and explain the benefits of stress testing. Through a robust and in-depth analysis, Darrick and Ray tap into their four decades of combined experience in the financial sector and review your personal or business finances to help calculate the right financial maneuvers given your future goals.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a thought-provoking conversation surrounding a process you should be considering today for your own financial portfolio.


00:05 - Show overview and introducing Darrick Hutchens and Ray Kramer

03:08 - What individuals and families should be doing right now

05:30 - Why this process is so valuable

08:00 - The three main ways that stress tests can be utilized

10:15 - An example of what prompted someone to discuss stress testing with them

18:13 - An example of how a stress test helped a client from making a mistake

23:36 - How Darrick and Ray tap into the human element during stress tests

28:56 - How their team gets deep into the heart of their clients' goals

32:23 - A lesson that can be learned from the super rich

34:40 - What the discovery process and initial questions look like

36:25 - What kind of analysis clients leave with after completing a stress testing process

40:43 - Closing remarks

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