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23rd Jan 2024

Grow Your Money in 2024 and Beyond!

Welcome back to Modern Wealth Management! We're excited to kickoff Season Two of our show, where we'll explore the various sectors of wealth management, as well as community conversations and personal development topics.

To launch our second season of the show, we're diving into the overall importance of establishing, and sticking to, an investment strategy. Join Darrick Hutchens, Co-Founder of Monon Wealth Management, as he shares some key insights into investment management and offers strategies for growing your money in 2024 and beyond!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the launch of our all-new season of Modern Wealth Management!


0:00 - Welcome back to Season Two!

1:12 - Designing an investment portfolio for 2024 and beyond

2:27 - Why thorough discussions on your investment portfolio is so important

6:31 - You can't bend with the ebbs and flows of the market

8:27 - The three things you need to consider with regard to growing your money in 2024

9:44 - Develop and understand your long-term investment objectives

12:33 - Time reduces risk

16:38 - Building your asset allocation plan

20:22 - The idea of a 60/40 portfolio and comparing stocks vs. bonds

25:43 - Considering foreign markets for your investment plan

29:30 - Picking the specific securities you're interested in

32:27 - Staying invested over a long period of time

34:20 - Investor behaviors in response to the technology sector in the 90's

39:38 - Warren Buffet's approach

42:50 - The key takeaways from today's episode

44:50 - How to get in touch with Darrick and his team

46:02 - Closing remarks

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